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August 4, 2021

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Wind Hippie - Sailing - Channel 45k subs - intro video


Toy Galaxy - Everyone should know this - Channel 265k subs - Manimal Ep


Brutal Moose - Low impact weird - Channel 788k subs - Dated Discoveries on Old VHS Tapes | 


Mystery Tapes 


WavyWebSurf - Internet Historian - 776k subs - 85 Year Old Lady Breaks Internet: Story of Marilyn’s Olive Garden Review


Justin Whang - Internet Historian 866k subs - ??? DO NOT VIEW. On screen reactions.


Reignbot - Warning level - HIGH WEIRD - 1.27M subs - Stories from our Disturbing World


Yhara Zayd - Movies and Pop culture - 128k subs - The Forgotten Legacy of Brittany Murphy


Josh’s Patreons:


Laser Time 


David Hopkins 


Going Medieval with Dr. Eleanor Janega 


The Glorious Geeks 


The MAD Cartographer 


Pop Minis 


Kyle’s Patreon’s 

Dynamic Dual


Colt Cabana - Art of Wrestling


Tellem Steve Dave


Artificial Orange:


Abroad in Japan:




Josh: David Hopkins’ The Dryad’s Crown series on Amazon  (next weeks rec - TinyView app)

Daniel: DC Pride #1 anthology - Wrath of Man by Guy Ritchie




Welcome to the Dollhouse & Middle Grade Despair - Yhara Zayd

Shelby’s Patreon -

“A way to make lots of stickers so I can share them with people while also building up a consistent art practice."


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