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Howard the Duck movie/comic talk (Clay’s favorite)

August 22, 2021

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The Question Black Label 1-4 Jeff Limire Denys Cowan


Daniel: Batman: The Cowardly Lot by James Tynion, Jorge Jimenez & Tomeu More. Nightwing Vol.1: Leaping into the Light by Tom Taylor & Bruno Redondo. X-men catch up [Excalibur #22 Way Of X #4 X-Corp #3 Marauders #22 New Mutants #20 Cable #12 (more of this in a min) SWORD #7 Wolverine #14 Hellions #14 Children of the Atom #6 X-Force #22] plug Reviews for Clownhunter, Trial of Magneto, Kang The conqueror, Eat the Rich
Evangelion 1.0 “You’re not Alone”. Superman and Lois FInale & The Bad Batch FInale 


Clay: Evangelion Rebuild films.

Rent a Pal - Hulu

Sweet Girl - Netflix

DCeased - Writer Tom Taylor 

Art by:

Stefano Gaudiano, Trevor Hairsine


Writer Tom Taylor

Art by:

Trevor Scott, Karl Mostert




What if? Episode one talk (if we all watched it)


Main Topic

Howard the Duck - the movie revisited

Currently free on Pluto.

Disney +


Recommendations (if needed, maybe just the stuff covered in the main topic)



Daniel: Superman ‘78 & King Spawn #1  - 


Clay: Bowie  by Michael Allred and Steve Horton

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