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Batman Day

September 29, 2021

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Daniel: Aquaman the Becoming, The Death of Doc Strange, X-Men #3, Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen (Fraction & Lieber) FEAR STATE Batman Secret Files Miracle Molly,  Catwoman and Batman 113, STAR WARS Visions, KATE,  DOOM Patrol S03E01 Titan S03E01.What We do in the Shadows

Josh: Watching stuff: new seasons of A.P. Bio, Ghosts, and What We Do In the Shadows; Hazel and I have started watching the Doctor Who revival 2005 from the beginning (NEWS: Russel T. Davies has been re-hired as showrunner!)

Clay: TV - Superstore, No Reservations, DDD, Party Down South, Alter Ego

Comics - Rorschach by Tom King , Magic by Jed MacKay Artist: Ig Guara



WHat if? Episode talk (if we all watched it)


Main Topic


Batman day Extravaganza 


Clay - 3 Jokers

The Batman who Laughs

Question of the Week -  What Batman villain would you like to see get a origin series on HBOMAX?

Is there an underrated Batman family series you recommend? 

Default Batman artist? 

Recommendations (if needed, maybe just the stuff covered in the main topic)


Daniel: Human Remains #1 from Vault Comics, Inferno #1 


Clay:  The Wonder Years 

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